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 My name is Vicki. I was born, raised and still reside in New Jersey. I have always loved reading, which led into a love for writing. Writing and creating has led me to where I am today, writing this blog. In addition to writing, I have always loved going to baby and bridal showers, weddings, well I guess I love parties of any type. As I got older more and more friends and family members began getting married, and then of course came babies. Every time I looked at a wedding or baby registry I hesitated to buy just any old gift. 

  I wanted to give a gift that my loved ones would need and use. I have gone through the whole wedding registry bit myself and I know for a fact something things that made my list may have been opened but are NOT used on a regular basis. They were thoughtful gifts, but just take up space in my home more then anything else. I never wanted MY gifts to be like that, so I began wracking my brain for something to give for each special occasion that the recipient would use or something I know that they would absolutely, 100 % need. 

  After going to a few baby showers and hearing from my new-mom friends that they can NEVER have enough diapers  I saw a cute, crafty way of giving diapers. Diaper cakes! Rolled and shaped diapers placed into a cake  or cute shape; accompanied with accessories that mom/dad & baby would need in their first few months to year. 

  A short time after making my first diaper cake a wave of weddings came upon me. I tried my first towel cake as a gift for my cousin and it was a success. From that point I began making DIAPER & TOWEL cakes for weddings and baby gifts. I sell my cakes on etsy.com, post regularly on facebook/vlfshowergifts & pinterest. 

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  1. Great ideas to help with Special Occasions!