Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love You Letter

After watching the News 12 NJ clip on Yogi Berra's love letters to his wife before they were married I thought it would be a cute idea to use instead of a wedding sign-in book or even at the bridal shower. Friends and family members are always asked to participate in games and activities, well why not give them a chance to share a fun/loving/fond memory with the bride and groom in the form of a love you letter. 

Almost any office supply store has scroll like printer paper if you wanted to go more vintage love letter, you can choose paper reflecting the couple's theme, or just pretty paper that the bridal party or bride agrees on. You can set up a stand near the guest tables or near the gift table, or simply set up a little kit on each table with instructions. I like the kit idea or a little note per table asking for the guests help creating a LOVE YOU LETTER so that each guest has enough time to think of a memory they want to share.  The bridal party can put all the letters into one album or if the bride and groom approve scan each into a slide show to play at the rehearsal dinner or in an area during the wedding. 

I'm adding the link to the Berra's interview/ report as some inspiration, it is a beautifully amazing story! 

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