Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big Day Meet & Greet

Meeting and greeting your wedding guest is always something important no matter your venue, location or time of year. How will you do it? Never fear, their are plenty of options when deciding how to say thank you to everyone in attendance.

Receiving Line:
You and your hubby can have a receiving line after the ceremony, greeting everyone on their way out. Even if you are having the ceremony and reception in the same venue chances are you and your bridal party will be exiting for a grand entrance as the party gets started. Simply post up near the exit, smile, hug & be thankful. These people took time out of their day, schedule and own families to be here with you. The receiving line makes it easier on you in the long run. You won't have to go table to table while your party is going on or your food is being served. You may have a few guests who didn't make the ceremony but not nearly same number to meet and greet at the reception.

Cocktail Hour Mingling:
You and the bridal party were ushered off to the bridal suite or out to take pictures at the conclusion of the ceremony, so you opt for the cocktail hour greeting. You still want to give thanks to all of your welcomed guests, but don't want it to impede on your party after you have been introduced as husband and wife. You and hubby mingle with your guests moving section by section through the crowded cocktail hour, snagging some snacks with your guests. The plus is you have your pictures and greetings completed before the main event and you are free to dance the night away! The downside, you might get caught up in chit-chat that keeps you from making your rounds. And inevitably bride and groom are divided while you visit your friends and family and he visits his.

Reception Round Table:
You were not able to have a ceremony receiving line or cocktail hour greeting for one reason or another. No harm, no foul, but now your greetings will be made between your first dance and the end of your big day. You and your groom need to make the rounds to all of your guests or the few remaining you may have not had a chance to greet earlier in the evening. You want to enjoy the dinner you have picked out for your guests, and dance the night away but you have to properly thank everyone in attendance first. You may want to start this as soon as possible, right after the first dance and toast, so you can have time to yourself to enjoy the party you have arranged. If you aren't able to get to everyone in one try, grab a bite to each, resume your greetings when you are finished with dinner or ask the wait staff to set aside your dish for later. And of course you can always politely excuse your self from a long conversation buy being dreadfully hungry with a need to resume your meal.

No matter how you greet your guests or when you choose to do it, formal greets are the polite respectful way of welcoming and thanking your guests for attending your wedding day. You may want to ask the serves to set an additional plate aside regardless for you and your groom, chances are you will be side tracked by the entire event and not eat much during the night no matter how you plan to greet your guests. Whether you pick one and stick to it or combine them it isn't a one size fits all deal. Your plan may go smoothly or have a few hiccups, but being prepared may help relieve some of the greeting pressure & will certainly relieve any grief over missing someone who shared your day.

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