Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Is Here

Well its that time of year again, school is out and summer is here! It is always so much fun at the Jersey Shore in the summer. Great weather, lots of fun events & of course great food. The beach has always been my favorite summer destination.  I remember helping to pack up the car and heading down the shore every year right at the end of the summer. It was our big family vacation, we could stay up late and play games on the board walk or rollerblade to one of ten ice cream places near our hotel. Some of my greatest summer vacation memories were made at and near the beach.

After growing up in the mountains of North Jersey I couldn't resist the call back to the beach. I've been here for around ten years now. It has always been popular for collage kids & young adults, that was my first draw to life down here. But it seems like more and more families are visiting our beaches year after year. For a few short weeks or weekends they are enjoying the weather, and beach views that I am lucky enough to have every day of the year.!
For anyone thinking of a Jersey Shore vacation this year, come on down for a visit. Asbury Park has a cute kiddie water park by board walk with lots of great restaurants and of course easy beach access near by.   Bradley Beach has an annual Lobster Fest with loads of lobster prepared a million different ways.  Asbury Park's Jazz fest is a perfect way to relax to great music. And almost all of the Jersey Shore events, whether music, crafts or food festivals have fun kid friendly activities. And of course you can find that perfect spot on the beach and make your own fun in the sun with or without kids!

So I guess the question is where will you be vacationing this summer?


  1. Start planning a cake for August 25th..........theme first birthday
    Thanks Pattie

  2. Sure, what size cake? What size diapers is the baby in now? How would you feel about a "swim" cake with swim diapers and accessories?

  3. It will be at the end of the summer. So, need a fall theme or first birthday. I will figure out the size and let you know. Hope the business keeps growing!