Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flowers: Fabric vs Fragrant

Do fabric floral arrangements have a place in your wedding?
I am a part of Etsy.com, an online website housing handmade and vintage items. People like me who have handmade an item set up a shop on the website and have a place to show others our materials. People looking for original handmade items can sign up as buyers and place orders simply and easily through the website. As a shop owner on Etsy I see so many beautiful, unique handmade items; some of which I have shared in other blogs. I have seen and liked (added to my favorites) some really awesome fabric floral arrangements. Some shops specialize in single flower arrangements, others in entire bouquets. Their are flower balls for decoration, table centerpieces, and decorations of all types made from silk and fabric flowers.
I love flowers. My grandfather kept a beautiful rose garden, among other types of plants and trees. They were something I took an interest in because he took an interest in them. We spent hours clipping, pruning, and treating the flowers and trees in my grandfather's gardens. We rarely picked the flowers because they were much more beautiful in their natural world then in a vase on the table. Roses will eventually die no matter if they are in nature or not but in nature they return as pretty and perfect as ever each year. Healthy rose bushes smell so potent, when mixed with the other smells in the garden no other perfume or air freshener in doors compares.
So I understand why they are a top choice for wedding decorations and bouquets. However, like any other cut flower, they wilt and die. Is it worth a few hours of decoration and a couple hundred dollars or more? Or would you rather a more permanent bouquet you can have and hold, a bouquet of silk and fabric that will not wilt or die?

I couldn't bear the thought of not including my favorite flowers in my special day, and went with a mixed bouquet of white roses, white lilies and calla lilies. But for my venue decorations I opted for reusable, silk floral arrangements. They were the same colors as my own bouquet, matched my theme and colors perfectly, didn't spill water on my guests, and didn't wilt by the end of the night.

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