Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bridal Shower Decor

Traditionally the bride has nothing, or at the most very little, to do with her bridal shower. The bridal party along with the brides family or bride and groom's families get together to plan the whole sha-bang. The venue is left up to what is available and the location in which the people throwing the party have agreed up, unless otherwise specified by the bride.
The shower decor normally reflects the theme and colors for the wedding. And those backing the shower go to great lengths to ensure the bride and guests are happy. Every bridal shower I have ever been to, and those I have helped throw took effort and preparation for perfection. You can glitz up your shower with the decorations you choose or you can keep it low key and just go a little color to match the wedding theme. Any way you do it, try to keep it in line with the brides tastes and personality. 

*If she is not the over the top type, her shower should reflect her. Maybe a backyard, or low key restaurant would be the best fit, especially if it is of some significance to her and her husband to be. 

*If the couple are childhood sweet hearts, a shower that incorporates their story their start would be a nice touch or even theme if the bride doesn't already have something in mind. 

*If the couple are supper outdoorsy their favorite spot, a local outdoor retreat, a hall or restaurant featuring a more rustic theme maybe the perfect place. 

My wedding theme was the beach. It is where my husband and I met in a sense, down the shore and where we chose to begin our life together. My mom and bridal party were awesome and completely fit my personality into the decor of my shower. From the little starfish and shell decorations to recipe book decoration and cake, they incorporated every bit of me and my hubby-to-be into the party perfectly!

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