Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

  I know for most dads out there fathers day is just another day, my dad says it every year, but it is not just any other day to me. My family is and has always been very close. Father's day just like any other Sunday was spent with the whole family helping out at Grandma & Grandpa's house, then having a big family dinner around 2pm.
  No matter what anyone says, family time at my Grandma & Grandpa's always topped any fancy dinner out or scheduled event because we were all together relaxed and able to be ourselves with the ones we loved. Yes, we had chores and outside "work" to do in the morning but even that couldn't put a damper on pasta or BBQ dinner with Dad & Grandpa.  But Father's Day, that was a special Sunday!
 It was a day all about Dad. A day all about Grandpa. Two very special people in my life. On Father's Day we were able to MAKE them sit back and relax, no hard work for them on THEIR day.  We were able to climb all over the place and drag them with us because it was THEIR day. We took long drawn out walks to the lake in the back of the house just because we wanted them to see the ducks as part of their" present" or drag them to watch a silly play that we made up just for them.
  Now, you might ask how that is different then any other day with this two great dads, but it wasn't!
  They were always willing to give up their time for us, no matter what! They were at every event, in every audience, leading every cheering section and there to kiss us good night. They always included us in everything they did no matter how big or small we were or the task was.
But it was the thought, the idea that 3 little kids put everything about them and their immediate likes, dislikes & desires aside to celebrate their dad and granddad. And I think that is what made these two, strong, smart, unbelieved individuals smile the most on THEIR day; appreciating THEIR day the most of all. It isn't and was never the gifts or cards it was what was in our hearts that made and still makes this day so special to all those dads including mine who thinks Father's Day is just another calendar day.

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