Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer BBQing

Schools are out, not just those early closers, they are all out at least in NJ! That is the official indication of summer  at least for me. And if that wasn't enough our beautiful beaches, parks and streets down here at the Jersey Shore are packed with people ready to enjoy the season. Another unofficial season indicator is also the smells of grilling wafting in and out of the house and neighborhoods. July 4th is coming up fast, and many people celebrate with backyard BBQ's around the United States. I am looking forward to spending the 4th with fabulous friends & family listening to great music, playing with the kids and of course having some quality food. If you are hosting a BBQ this season and want some great ideas for grill & cooking check out a friend of mine, She is a great cook & baker, I can tell you from experience I have eaten many a delicious meal that she has cooked and followed a lot of her recipes. All with GREAT results!
Getting back to your summer BBQ events, in my family, no matter what season, whenever you went to someone else's house for a party or BBQ you are supposed to bring something, an offering of thanks to your host. My husband and I normally bring some sort of fattening dip that we enjoy or a bottle of wine but this year I thought it would be nice since beach season is HERE if we helped ourselves and others stay on track with their diets & brought something cute but inedible that our host might like even after July 4th has come and gone.
Red White & Blue Cake
Summer Fun Stripe Cake
As I perused my normal selection of materials for my bathroom towel cakes I started thinking of the BBQ's we would be attending & decided to venture into the realm of kitchen art. I found a simple solution to my "what to bring" query, kitchen towel cakes. I will be giving one at my first BBQ of the season next week. And after thinking about it, they could be a great bridal shower table topper & give-a-way for your summer shower guests. If you want an alternative to food or flowers that will die a few days after they take them home.
Good luck summer party goers & have fun at your 4th of July BBQ's!!

Funky Floral Cake

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