Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

Do you have a special day of the week that you look forward to?

Most of us who work a regular week day job say Friday is the best day of the week because it lead into the weekend, but in my family we worked all week to get to Sunday. You might say we were crazy, if you know any of us their is no maybe attached to that, but we are crazy in a good way I like to think.

Any way, our special day of the week was Sunday because no matter what stage in life any one was on, no matter what activities we were involved in, we always spent the bulk of our Sunday at my Grandparents house together. If we had sports or activities going on they were in the morning & we joined the rest of the family in their task of the weekend. The task of the weekend depended on what the weather was like and what season, sometimes it was planting in the yard others it was rearranging in the house. We worked for the morning and would break in the early afternoon round 2pm each Sunday for dinner. Everyone would clean up & sit down together and that is where the real fun started.  As we ate we talked, as the time ticked by we inevitably got louder with a heated debate over anything & everything. Some began over the texture of the meatballs or the taste of the sauce at this dinner versus dinners in past, and my personal favorite arguing over who tore the italian bread instead of cutting it.  Yet other dinner "discussions", and I use the word discussion loosely, took a more serious turn. We would clear the table, watch a movie which actually means nap where ever you find room, sit on the porch or in the yard, and have dessert before heading home.

Either way it panned out Sunday was our family day, as a child I would NOT have deemed it Sunday Fun Day but as an adult looking back it was! When everyone is back together at a party or at my grandparents house as adults with families of their own it is just as great as when we were kids, the food, the discussions, and the overall playful-fun-loving atmosphere.

Do you have a special day with your family? How do you celebrate on your "fun day"?

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