Thursday, June 21, 2012

What to Buy for Baby

What is the best gift to give a new mom or mom-to-be? Is their the perfect gift or is any gift they need ok?

I ask myself the same question each time I find out that a friend or family member is pregnant and then again as the baby shower approaches. I learned through many friends and family members who have had children, and others who are just getting started with their new families that their are a few key items parents can NEVER have enough of. Diapers and onesies are KEY to a successful first few years. My mom always laugh when I bring up the subject of baby gifts and registry items, she would say, "If your not sure you can always get boxes of diapers and onesies of all sizes that is what you lived in for your first year." I would laugh back at her when she'd say it but after going back through baby album after baby album of mine & my brothers that is exactly what we were in if we were home!

So I set out to find a creative way of giving diapers & onesies and all those little items that get overlooked on a baby registry and found diaper cakes....the perfect solution to giving the gift of diapers, something that every new parent needs A LOT of! In doing so I found diaper motorcycles, diaper trikes, diaper bottles, diaper babies, diaper flower bouquets and so much more. I have even created a few I haven't seen "out there" yet, my diaper bear is good to go the diaper duck is still in the works.

Bottom line, people with babies need diapers! And I am ready, willing and able to help out with my very own diaper cakes & diaper art.

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