Saturday, June 30, 2012

Think Outside the Cake Box

Are you and your hubby a traditional tiered cake couple or are you willing to think outside the cake box for your wedding treats?

A lot of people are trying new and exciting ways to treat their guests to some sweets at the end of the night. Many new couples have turned to the candy bar, a table lined with lovely sweet treats in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures. Some keep to a specific theme with the candies while others keep their theme colors from the wedding party.
Another twist on traditional cake is an arrangement of cupcakes. They can all the the same flavor or they can be mixed and match for your guests to choose. You may not want to skip the iconic cake and cake cutting during your wedding so you may opt for a small tiered cake to take the monumental photo or you can cut a cupcake as husband and wife.
The most recent out-of-the-cake-box idea that I have seen holds a near and dear place in my heart. The sweet treat at the end of the night was a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich! I love it ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, what could be better! And the best part is if you and your hubby have a special flavor of ice cream or favorite kind of cookie you can incorporate your own personal spin on the idea.

I love the traditional cake, but also love the idea of doing something different with it. How do you feel about thinking outside the cake box for your wedding treats?

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