Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shoes in Blue or White Pick It Right

If you were planning on adding your something blue by wearing a pair of cute new blue shoes under your dress as suggested in my "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" post, or not, here are a few things to consider when picking the right shoe for you. You want comfort on your wedding day. No one enjoys watching a bride totter down the aisle awkwardly because her heels are way too high for her to walk normally in. Or worse, not get down the aisle at all because of too high-high heels. And honestly, as a bride do you want to be uncomfortable in shoes you bought specifically for this day? Shoes you may very well end up wearing day and night?

I can see it now. You in your beautiful new white dress with your hair perfectly pinned & placed exactly how you imagined, movie-star-makeup, and adorable new pumps in place making you appear 3 inches taller to complete your glamour look. You are smiling, of course, it is your big day. A day you have dreamed about and planned your whole life! Yet, every step you take in your perfectly spiked high heels you sink deeper into the soft, lushes Greens you and your hubby chose for your wedding pictures. The Green makes a perfect backdrop for your long awaited wedding day pictures, so you plaster on that smile. Each step is painful and takes longer then the last because your heels are now providing air-a-tion for the lush grass. You try to move along to the next snapshot on your long list of have-to-have photos. Your too high heels getting stuck in the soft grass, sinking into the ground with each step of the way. And this is just the beginning, you and your now dirty high heels still have a night of greeting and dancing ahead of you! How will you make it through the rest of the night? Even if you change shoes or ditch the shoes altogether your dress is already muddled with dirt from running around in sinking, mud caked heels.

It is painful to even consider. Why traipse around in pain and ruining your day when you could go with a stylish, cute shoe that feels good too? Their are a load of flats and wedge heels out their in all sorts of colors, they are cute and don't kill your feet.  In a normal setting even walking across lush grass, they won't sink into the ground poking little holes like your stilettos, and they won't pick up half the ground with you unnecessarily dirtying your dress from the inside out. The wedge is a great alternative to pumps, I am short like just hitting five foot short, so I try to wear shoes with a heel whenever possible. I tend to opt for a wedge over pumps, my back and feet don't hurt nearly as much when I wear a wedge. I'm not saying to forgo pumps at together, just consider a more moderate heel depending on your style, don't go for the highest high heel just to look good; you and your feet may regret it.  You will look beautiful no matter what you wear on your feet! But you will feel much better if you consider your feet on your big day!

And if you just can't break traditional thinking by wearing blue shoes, I have seen some really cool, unique shoe clips made by my fellow Etsians shop members ( These clips are made especially for shoes, some are especially made to bring that something blue to your wedding shoe without breaking from the white shoe.

Some of my favorite hand made blue shoes or blue shoe clips are from etsy shops:

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